Lathrop is an innovative, flexible and reliable real estate investment, property brokerage and investment company focused on personalized real estate advice and management. Our objective is focused on satisfying the needs of our national and foreign clients with optimal and legally supported solutions.

  • Innovative, because one of our business focus is to attract investors from the Australian market with a view to investing in real estate assets in Chile as well as meeting needs in housing solutions for foreign citizens living in Chile for a short or medium term by offering real estate valuation services with current tools. We improve our management services by providing market-adjusted values.

  • Flexible because we seek to satisfy not only the needs of purchase / sale of real estate, but also of complementary services to the real estate management and other areas of the economy.

  • Reliable due to the experience, idionity, prestige and ability of its professionals, which has allowed us to structure commercial alliances with other relevant agents of property brokerage in Chile and Australia.

Lathrop Properties and Associates SpA is a partner company of the Chilean Chamber of Commerce AUSCHAM and is a registered trademark in Chile.


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